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Shop Towel Dye Experts and More!

It is no secret that KeyColour is known for its Shop Towel Dyes, but the fact is we carry a complete line of  High Quality Industrial Laundry Dye for use in all industries! And our commitment to excellent customer service is what separates us from the rest in today’s industrial laundry market.

High quality, consistent color plays a critical role in the industrial laundry business.  That’s why more savvy industrial launderers are turning to the experts at Shop Towel Dye.  After all, color is our only business.

Our dedicated personnel provide hands-on service supported by advanced facilities and colour matching laboratories.

Shop Towel Dyes Cut Costs & Increase Profits

KEYCOLOUR‘s wide range of capabilities include the industry’s most complete selection of color products, backed by extensive inventories, including “hard-to- get” colors. Plus we specialize in the shop towel dye industry. If your shop consumes a large amount of shop towels, then you need to call us today to see how our shop towel dyes can cut your costs and increase your bottom line.

Unique Quik PakTM Packaging System

With our unique Quik Pak System, maintaining a clean, safe working environment has never been easier.  Quik Paks feature dye in portion controlled, ready-to-use packages that are dust-free. They are instantly and completely degradable in hot or cold water, so your operation stays cleaner and your color is sharper and more consistent.

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