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Color Matching – Important Requirements of Dyeing Customers

Color Matching – Important Requirements of Dyeing Customers
Keycolour customers have very diverse yet specific requirements when it comes to professional laundry dyes. Find out what these are and how we address them.


If there is one thing to describe dye customers, it is that they are very specific about the choice and variety of colors of the professional laundry dyes and other textile dye products that are being provided to them. They have such a strong urge to get only the desired set of colors. They cannot and will not compromise with the color, quality, and the price of coloring or dyeing products. This is especially so when it comes to new customers, as they are stricter when it comes to the specific shade of color, always seeking assurance and proof that the quality and durability is worth the price they are paying for the product.

Since they are not fully assured of the outcome of dyeing and coloring process being performed by professional laundry dyeing and coloring service provider. Even they are now aware with the technology being used in making colors and preserving the colors used in dyeing process for long time.

The Importance of Matching the Right Colors

Color matching is one of the most important things that is necessary for the satisfaction of both new and existing customers of professional laundry dryers. To serve this purpose, manufacturers of professional laundry dyes spend a great deal of money and effort in researching and developing new sets of colors that match each and every requirement of their customers. If there is a certain shade that hasn’t been developed, they make it a point to develop the color as soon as possible. This has and will always be the one true goal of the professional dyeing and coloring industry.

It is perfectly understandable for each customer to want full return of their investment in each and any product in terms of quality and vibrancy of the colors of the professional laundry dyes. For their satisfaction, color manufacturers are always on the lookout for the latest developments that would allow them to develop the latest and more vibrant set of colors.

Types of Colors

There are basically two main types of colors that are being used in the professional dyeing and coloring industry, which are natural colors and artificial colors. Natural colors are environmentally friendly. They are made from flowers or any natural sources. On the other hand, artificial colors produced using chemicals.

The only concern customers should have difference is that poorly made artificial colors can harm even the most toughest of fabrics. These types of dyes may not be the best option for re-coloring of old, stained, discolored, or faded fabrics. However, natural colors provided by professional laundry dyes can provide better results when compared to artificial colors.

Finding Rare Colors for Professional Laundry Dyes

There are times when customers demand for a rare set of colors that are not easily available to the dyeing manufacturer or anywhere else in the market. When that sort of situation arises, color matching becomes extremely important. It will be up to expert color technicians to come up with the perfect shade and produce the desired set of results through blending different colors.

Because of the difficulty of the task, not everyone can do this. Long term expertise is needed, as well as skilled knowledge about professional laundry dyes and other textile dye products and colors. Not all industrial dye manufacturers can produce hard-to-get colors, as it is only possible through extensive expertise combined with research and development. Businesses looking to get the best professional laundry dyes would do well to seek the services of a reputable dyeing and coloring company like Keycolour.

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