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Keycolour Textile Dyes Used in Sheriff Joe’s Pink Underwear

You may have heard about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “World-Famous” pink underwear for the inmates of the Maricopa County Jail, but did you know that Keycolour is the supplier of the pink textile dyes the Maricopa County Jail uses to turn those ordinary white boxers into a lively shade of pink?

Using Keycolour’s Pink Textile Dyes to Color Maricopa County Jail Inmates’ Underwear

Keycolour is proud to be the one and only supplier of the pink textile dyes used to create the “world-famous” pink underwear of the Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, AZ, as implemented by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The interestingly colorful move from white boxers to pink underwear is an effort by Sheriff Joe to prevent inmates from stealing the formerly white boxer shorts. Dyeing it pink makes it easy for the guards to determine whether the inmate stole County Jail underwear during the time of his release. Keycolour have been supplying our high quality textile dyes to Maricopa County for many years, which has helped the county’s taxpayers save over $70,000 in the first year of the implementation alone.

The Advantage of Using Keycolour Textile Dyes

Several penitentiaries and institutions throughout the United States use our easy-to-use Quik Pak dye system, along with other products that we offer. We supply textile dyes for over dyeing inmate jumpsuits. Through Keycolour textile dyes, our clients can take unusable textiles and clothing in their stock rooms and turn these items into useful garments and cleaning towels through our simple dye process.

We have a lab in Phoenix where we do custom color formulation, creating dyes that match clients’ color specification and package them accordingly. Our textile dyes come with easy-to-use, pre-measured water soluble packages so clients can easily get repeatable colors time after time. Keycolour provides companies and institutions with the “green” option to reuse old items and save on replacement costs instead of just disposing them.

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