Key Colour – Leading Provider of Quality Colours

Phoenix (Arizona)-based KeyColour is a premium provider of industrial coloring and laundry dyeing solutions. With its continuous research and development focused on producing the most desirable set of vibrant dyeing colours, KeyColour is able to consistently serve all its customers with a varied set of requirements.

KeyColour also has state-of-the-art color matching laboratories in Chicago and Los Angeles, where skilled technicians and color experts are always engaged in the improvement and development of new colors. No matter what type of fabric or garment you have to dye or re-color, you will surely get a matching color at KeyColour’s store. In fact, KeyColour is one of the rare dyeing products providers that offer hard to get colors to its customers.

Colouring and laundry dyeing solutions provided by KeyColour are very much applicable to both personal and professional use. You can use from our wide selection of our products for home use as well as for industrial use. Some most important clients of KeyColour are large hospitals, penitentiaries, large hotels, and restaurants with varied dyeing and colouring needs.

KeyColour  dedicated to not only providing cost-effective dyeing products to clients, but also on studying and developing the quality of dye colours and their overall look on fabrics and textiles. Once you choose KeyColour’s quality dyeing and colouring products for your old, worn, or discolored clothes, towels, mats, and rags, you will get a chance to appreciate them for a second, or even a third, time.

KeyColour  is a leading industrial laundry dyeing and colouring service provider that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. They are known to provide exceptional quality coloring solutions for home, commercial, and industrial use.

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