Recycling Used Cotton Shop Towels and Rugs with Dyes

Recycling Used Cotton Shop Towels and Rugs with Dyes

Is there a way to dye used towels and rugs to make them look new again?

Whenever possible, companies are always trying to save money and look for cost-productive ways of running their business. If you use shop towels or cleaning rugs in your operations, you can make them look new again without spending much through dyeing.

How Re-dyeing Works

Re-dyeing is the use of dyes in order to change the color of towels, rugs, linens, and other textile materials used in business. Aside from enhancing their look and making them vibrant again, redyeing can also make business operations more smooth and efficient.

Dyes can make your towels and rugs color coordinated. This way, your staff will know which to use for a particular purpose. For instance, you can use light yellow or orange for towels or rugs designated for housekeeping. Aside from usage, this also help your people determine which cleaning formula to use based on the color of your towel and rugs.

After a significant number of uses, towels and rugs can also be dyed to a different shade and be repurposed. For instance, those you used for housekeeping can be re-dyed into a darker color and designated in a different area of your operations.

The average dye typically costs around $0.02/lbs. or less than half a cent per towel, which means there is a lot of money that can be saved, as compared to buying new towels for non-critical applications.

Tips for Re-Dyeing

Re-dyeing is an effective way to cut down on your expenses and maximize your resources. To make sure that it works to your advantage, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Use the appropriate dye. Determine the type of fabric your garments are made of before purchasing any dye material. What works for nylon may not be applicable for cotton.
  • Purchase from a reputable dye manufacturer. Take time when shopping around to find the best deal and range of products. Ask about a manufacturer’s experience in the dye industry and determine the extent of service they’re willing to provide. Do they have the type of dye you’re looking for? Can they produce a specific color you want? Can you reach them easily should you need assistance with the dyeing process?

KeyColour offers different types of dyes for different needs. For 20 years, we are providing solutions for various dyeing needs for different types of businesses.

If you want to learn more about industrial dyeing applications, feel free to watch this short, informative video on the basics of dyeing and how it can help you. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about dyes and how to use it for your business, please give us a call or fill up the short form found on this website.

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