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Recycling used Cotton Shop towels and Rags

Recycling used Cotton Shop towels and Rags
Ever wondered what to do with used cotton shop towels and rags? Find out how to transform these old rags and make them look new again by using Key Colour Dyes.


Recycling Used Cotton Shop Towels and Rags with Key Colour Dyes.

Is there a way we can dye used towels and rags to make them look new again? Companies are always trying to save money whenever it is possible, so by using an inexpensive dye to color code used cotton goods, they can extend the life of their shop towels and cleaning rags.

New towels may be dyed according to their preferences, for example, they can use light yellow or orange for those that are designated for use for housekeeping. It is recommended that these towels are segregated from other cotton products according to their appointed colors. This can also help employees to differentiate what cleaning formula to use based on the color of the towels.

After a significant number of uses, they may then be dyed red and used as shop towels in a manufacturing plant or an automotive shop. Afterwards, after these have been used as well and become stained to a certain degree, they can still be dyed navy and further used as ink towels.

It is important to note that the average dye typically costs around $0.02/lbs. or less than half a cent per towel, which means there is a lot of money that can be saved, as compared to buying new towels for a non-critical application.

For more information on industrial dyeing applications, feel free to visit our homepage and watch our short, informative video that will introduce you to the wonderful world of dyeing.

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