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Advanced Color Matching

Advanced Color Matching Laboratories

With state-of-the-art color matching laboratories in Chicago and Los Angeles, our experienced laboratory technicians can expertly match your requirements and provide simple instructions to assure positive results for your laundry products every time!
Ongoing Research and Development
As recognized experts in dye technology, KEYCOLOUR has the R&D facilities and hands-on technical application experience to provide you with the most advanced, consistent color available for your industrial laundry needs. Our on-going program of developing and testing new products and applications helps keep your operation at the cutting edge of color technology.

Keycolour is the leading manufacturer and distributor of eco friendly dyes and has been helping businesses restore the colors on their old towels and redye stained mats for over two decades since its existence.

We provide only the finest dye products that produce colors that accurately match the original or the specific shade requested by our clients. Our clients range from hotels, resorts, and spas to laundry shops and healthcare institutions.

Keycolour offers a broad selection of colors that clients can choose from. We have specific color charts for Colourfast dyes, shop towel dyes, microfiberd dyes, and mat dyes for an easy selection and purchase.

At Keycolour, we specialize in total color maintenance. This means our eco friendly dyes do not just help businesses bring back to life faded towels and mats, they also last longer than other dyes in the market. Purchasing any of the Keycolour dye kits saves you a great deal of money than just throwing away old towels and replacing them with new ones.

If you need more information regarding any of the dye products we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call at 602-424-9990 (for Arizona residents) or 1-800-274-4393 (toll-free customer assistance). You can also follow us on Twitter or add us on Facebook for updates.

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