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Save Money

If you’re wasting too much money buying new uniforms, clothing, towels or other textiles, we can help you save most of your money…”“We’re DYEING To Save Your Money—By Showing You The Easy Way to Reuse, Recycle and Rehab Garments, Towels, Uniforms, Mats, Nylon, Polyester And More With Cost-Cutting, Simple and Safe Laundry Dye Packets!”

Is your company or institution wasting too much money buying paper towels, new uniforms, new towels, new mats, new this and new that?

Couldn’t your bottom line be beefier if you could just re-dye faded items so they can be used again, or used in a different application?

For instance, a car wash might use red towels for wiping down clean cars…and then when they fade, re-dye them with a new towel color like blue for a new life as shop towels.

Did You Hear The One About The Sheriff Who Dyes His Inmate’s
Underwear Pink To Keep Them In Line?
It’s true! Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County, Arizona dyes jailhouse boxers and briefs with “Sheriff Joe Pink” dye so they’ll never want to come back there again!And when they fade…he uses the dye again as a color refresher.Other jails and prisons use color-coding on jumpsuits to help guards determine the level of security risk at a glance.
We Can Slash Uniform Rental Companies’ Costs By Up To 65%
Wasting money should be a crime for a business—and that’s exactly what happens when rental laundries buy new uniform pants at $9 each to replace faded ones.But did you know that they could use our dye refresher for only $3-4…and get those pants back to the original color?
We can also save money by providing dye solutions for..
  • Restaurants with towel recycling who need easy to use dyes in premeasured water soluble packets
  • Pool facilities who have towels with color problems or need a hospitality towel color they can use over and over again
  • Hotels who need housekeeping rag dye, hotel linen redyes, tablecloth over dye
  • Senior assisted living facilities
  • Hospitals who need scrubs and towel dye…even napkin dye!
  • Agricultural fertilizer companies who want grass seed GREEN
  • Golf courses who want uniform color dye, bar rag dye, or environmentally friendly dye/color
  • Pool supply houses who need cleaning rag dye and safe colors
  • Water tracing and leak detection outfits who need water soluble dye packs
  • Oil spill remediation companies who need sustainable dye packets
So What Kinds Of Dye Solutions Do We Offer? Here Are A Few…
You’ll never have a problem with untrained employees handling our dyes because we package them in premeasured, easy-to-use bags that are clean and water soluble…whether it’s mat over dye, industrial laundry colors, or pant over dye.Need a permanent dye solution for 100% cotton textiles or blends? No problem—we offer Colourfast Dye Kits in all colors or we can custom blend one for you.And if you’re looking for the most inexpensive way to dye 100% cotton quickly and easily, you’ll want our economical Towel Dyes.
But That’s Not All—We Also Offer Poly And Mat Dyes!
If you replace poly cotton uniforms too often, you’ll be glad to know we’ve got Poly Dye Kits you can use to dye the polyester portion and prolong the uniform’s life…so you save money.Do you run a gym or other facility where you need color-coded mats? Our Mat Dye Kits are wonderful for nylon mat dye, logo mat dye, or floor mat colors.And all our products are manufactured and packaged here in the USA!
Who Else Can Save Money By Re-Dyeing?
Honestly, the list of uses for our dyes keeps getting longer and longer as more and more companies catch onto new ways toextend the life of rags, towels, pants, uniforms, tablecloths, napkins and hundreds of other former “consumables.”

Here’s who else can save money with re-dyeing:

  • Landscape maintenance firms who need custom color matching
  • Apartment management companies who need garment over dye for a consistent look and feel of personnel
  • Contract and chemical packaging companies who want US manufactured dyes or industrial dyes
  • Water soluble or dye packaging companies who need custom dye packs or color brighteners
  • Erosion control and hydro seeding firms who need nylon dye or walk off mat dye
  • Paper packaging and paper mills who need laundry dye, shop cleaner dye or a certain wiper dye
  • Foil packaging firms who want direct dye or touch up dye
  • Builders, remodelers or landscapers who want to brighten up stucco or concrete with packaged dye
How Do We Work With You? It Goes Like This…
  1. You call us at (PHONE NUMBER) and we’ll discuss your needs and tell you if your dye job is possible. (For instance, we can’t dye from a darker to a lighter color—only lighter to darker.)
  2. We’ll give you honest answers as to whether your textiles or other items can be reused or recycled by being redyed. And we’ll offer helpful suggestions, depending on the end use of your items.
  3. Then we’ll usually ask you to send us a sample of the material, along with a sample of the color you want to achieve.
  4. Once we get those, we’ll go to work matching the color from our extensive color library and we might scale the process up in our small production machine to make sure it works.

..and then we’ll send you your color match with a quote and a procedure to use, and possibly a sample.

Yes, it really is that simple for you to start saving money—let us help!

For many businesses and corporations concerned about saving on costs, a textile dye would probably the last on their list of things that could possibly help them reduce annual expenses. Meanwhile, Keycolour has been providing high quality textile dyes for both small businesses and large companies since its establishment in 1993.  Industries include hotels and resorts, uniform companies, dry cleaners, and even an amusement park.

Here is a list of some of our clients:

Aramark Uniform Services
Mission Linen
Washing Systems, Inc.
Prudent Overall Supply

We are the trusted choice of major establishments and institutions for affordable, environmentally friendly dyeing and redyeing solutions. Our service spans across North America, and even reaches as far as the United Kingdom.

Any Keycolour experience you would like to share with us? Just add us on Facebook  and post on our timeline and talk about about how you were able to save on expenses using Keycolour textile dyes! You could also follow us on Twitter and tweet us your Keycolour story! We would love to hear from you!

To know more about how Keycolour textile dyes help businesses save on costs, call 602-424-9990 or 1-800-274-4393 today!

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