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Recycling used Cotton Shop towels and Rags

Recycling used Cotton Shop towels and Rags with KeyColour dyes.

Why do we dye used towels and rags? Companies are trying to save money wherever possible. By using an inexpensive dye to color code used cotton goods, companies can extend the life of the shop towels and cleaning rags. New towels may be dyed to a light yellow or orange and used for a housekeeping application. These towels are kept separate from other cotton products by their color. Workers know what cleaning formula to use based on the color of the towels. After a number of uses they may be dyed to a red and used as a shop towel in a manufacturing plant or automotive shop. Then finally after these have been used and stained they may be dyed navy and used as ink towels. Dye typically costs $0.02/lbs. or less than ½ cent per towel thereby saving a lot of money versus buying a new towel for a non critical application.

For more information on industial dyeing applications visit our home page and watch our informative video.

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