10 Qualities to Look for in a Dye Company

5 starsDyeing is an effective cost-cutting method for businesses. Instead of purchasing new linens, sheets, curtains, uniforms, and the like, you can simply re-dye your textile, save money, and reduce your overhead costs.

If you’re considering dyeing for your business, one of the most crucial steps you will take is choosing a company that will supply the dyes you need. Before you do business with any dye manufacturer or supplier, make sure that the organization has these ten qualities.


1. Products

Look for a dye company that has the right product for your needs. There’s no point of doing business with a dye company if they can’t meet your requirements in the first place.

Dye products differ in purpose and use. Some are designed for cotton, while others are tailored for nylon. Know the products you need according to the type of textile your business materials are made of.

Keep in mind that a company’s product selection can be a deal breaker. A company may have a vast catalog of products, but they’re still not the right firm to work with if they can’t provide the right kind of dyes for your business.


2. Proximity

Proximity has a huge influence over your working relationship with a dye company. Choose a firm that’s located close to your business. This way, it would be more convenient to stay in touch with them, get more supplies faster, and receive quick assistance if needed.

KeyColour is situated in Phoenix, Arizona and if you’re in the area, we can discuss your dyeing needs and see how we can help you out. Meanwhile, if you’re located somewhere else in the United States and you’re interested in our products and dyeing solutions, you can get in touch with us toll-free and we will attend to any inquiry or concern you may have.


3. Years in Business

Years in business reflect expertise, professionalism, and dedication. Although it’s not the only factor you should look at, how long a company has been in the market speaks volume about their stability and level of commitment to the business and their clients.

It also pays to ask if a company has any certification or recognition that’s indicative of good performance and level of expertise.


4. Customers

One way to gauge a dye company’s reputation is to look at their customers. What types of businesses do they cater to? If small and big firms alike trust them, that’s a sign of good performance.

Meanwhile, you can investigate on your own and see what their clients are saying about them. Are they happy with the products and service they received? Are there any complaints? If so, were they resolved?


5. A Culture of Unity

Employees are the fuel that drives the company to growth and success. You know a dye company is worth working with if its staff is engaged and is very much involved with the business and needs of the clients.

A good company treats its employees well by enhancing their skill sets, recognizing their value to the firm’s overall growth, and compensating them well enough. You can determine if a company has a good culture when you step into their office or interact with their staff on the phone.


6. Reliable

A good dye company is reliable, delivers the right amount of goods and type of dyes on time, and has a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.

Large dye companies or suppliers may seem to be the most reliable because of the product range and logistical resources they have. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider small firms for your dye needs. Reliability is not defined by the size of the company; it’s defined by a their character and commitment to clients.


7. Realistic attitude towards customers

Good dye companies don’t make promises they can’t keep. So be wary of manufacturers or suppliers that offer too-good-to-be-true deals.

Before doing any marketing pitch about their products, a company should be able to listen intently on your needs, and their recommendation should be based on that alone. You’ll know a dye company is worthy of your trust if they offer you a product that best fits your situation—even if it’s the cheapest one on their line. It’s a sign of good faith and indicates that their primary goal is to help you out, not just to part you with your money.


8. Competitive pricing

When looking for a dye company to provide solutions for your business needs, the goal is not to find the cheapest rates. What you should look for is a firm that has competitive pricing, which means that their rates may not be the lowest, but you’re getting the best value for your money because you’re receiving excellent service and products.

If you’re a big company and you will order dyes in bulk, negotiate with dye companies and see if they offer wholesale rates or discounts for big orders.


9. Good business ethics

Good business ethics reflects a company’s integrity.

Only engage in business with a dye company that adheres to good and legal business practices. Do they have the necessary permits to operate in their area? Are they adhering to business and labor laws? Are there any lawsuits against them? Were these resolved?

Meanwhile their integrity is also evident on how they deal with you. Dye companies should be courteous and attentive all throughout—from the moment you inquire about their products up to the time that you need extra assistance after your items were delivered. More so, they provide follow-ups and updates before and during delivery and ask for your feedback after receiving the products.


10. Abreast in the industry

Change is constant and there are always new developments in the market. Good dye companies are abreast in the industry and aware of the latest trends in the field of dyeing. Because of that, they know how to position themselves in the market and adapt to the changing needs of their clients.

For 20 years, KeyColour has been providing dye solutions to different companies and businesses, and our staff’s combined experience in the field amounts to 100 years. We have a catalog of dye products to suit different kinds of business needs and we promise nothing but quality service.


Meanwhile, if we don’t have the kind of dye you need, keep these 10 qualities in mind so that you will be focused on the right direction as you search the right dye company to help you.

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