7 Tools to help you find the Right Color Palette for your Brand

7 Tools to help you find the Right Color Palette for your Brand

Colors are important for your brand identity. But as much as you want your brand to standout or to be trendy, don’t smother your color scheme with too many pigments. At the same time, don’t choose a color just because it’s in this season.

If you want to get on the right track, make sure that the colors you choose are aligned with your identity as a company. What message do you want to convey to your target audience? What kind of emotion do you want to evoke? Being clear on these factors is a good foundation in choosing the right palette for your brand.

The success of your brand is dependent on the colors you choose, so make sure the shades in your color scheme compliment each other. Here are seven tools to help you do that.


1. Palleton

Palleton is a color palette generation tool designed to create monochromatic, triad, and tetrad schemes. It allows you to import palettes in different formats, depending on where and how you’re planning to use it. In addition, it provides a preview of what the colors will look like if used on a webpage.


2. Adobe Color CC

Formerly known as Adobe Kuler, this tool from the family of design and video production software is designed to generate different types of color palettes. Whether you want to go monochromatic, complementary, or customize your own scheme, this tool can help you out. You can also easily import a color palette from Adobe Color CC to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


3. Color Hunter

As discussed in a previous blog post, one way to select colors from your brand is to dissect the pigments in an image. If you want to go this route, Color Hunter is the tool for you.

Color Hunter generates color palettes based from images. All you need to do is input the URL of a photo or upload a picture, and a color scheme will be made from it.


4. Colord

Colord is not a color scheme generator, but it’s a good place to find inspiration as you create a color palette for your brand. It has a catalog of different submissions from users in different forms, such as palettes, gradients, patterns, and images. If you have time to scroll through, this website can help get your creative juices flowing.


5. The Day’s Color

The Day’s Color is a color digest created by Nigel Evan Dennis. He publishes color palettes that are inspired from a variety of things such as David Bowie’s Black Star Video or the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Just like Colrd, The Day’s Color can spur inspiration and help you develop ideas.


6. 0 to 255

There will be instances when you decide to use a particular color only to find out that the tint you chose is not the right one for your needs. This is where 0 to 255 can come in handy.

0 to 255 is a tool that helps you see different variations or shades of a color. From the lightest to the darkest, 0 to 255 generates different tints of a particular color to help you find the one that suits your brand best.


7. Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers is a website where you can find color submissions from different users, and a good portion of its catalog gives substantial branding insight. It also has a blog section where you can learn from other designers.


These seven tools can be used for a wide range of purposes such as branding, designing your marketing materials, and creating a color scheme for your textiles.

Colors are essential elements of your branding strategy. Use these seven tips to make sure that your chosen pigments complements each other and sends the right message to your market.

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