Boosting Morale on Chicago River

Boosting Morale on Chicago River

Boosting Morale on Chicago River

November was a dramatic month for baseball fans as the championship-starved Chicago Cubs finally won its first World Series Champions. The team took home the silverware in the 2016 World Series with a victory over the Cleveland Indians, a crowd favorite.

What made the win so bittersweet is the fact that the team had to wait for 108 years – yes, over a century – to luxuriate in the sweet taste of victory. In fact, most Cubs fans have uttered the phrase “just one before I die,” in a plea to see their favorite team on the winning plate, and now they can see the rewards of their loyalty.

As such, it makes no wonder that the entire community rallied to boost the morale of their hometown Blue Bears, which were clad in blue, red, and white. Fans would flock to the games and cheer their support, amid the popular opinion that the Cubs cannot win a championship.

And on that day, low and behold, they were proven wrong. The loyal fans were rewarded, while the naysayers had to swallow their regret of betting against the winning team.

Chicago was so proud of its sons, in fact, that the Chicago River was turned blue to welcome the team with a parade and a rally after their epic win. While resistance was raised by the Friends of the Chicago River concerning the effect the dye may have on aquatic life, many of the concerns were about not wanting to start a precedent of dyeing the river for each celebration and win. However, the plan to dye the river blue pushed through.

The Chicago River was dyed blue for the historic win of the Chicago Cubs.

While this is a story of resilience and hope, let us not forget that the symbolism of the color Blue. This color is very popular among companies and teams, as it symbolizes trust, strength, loyalty, and wisdom. In this case, the Bears proved that they are very loyal to their fans, and they showcased their strength amid the adversity that faced them on the World Cup.

Could the color have an impact on their win? In reference to the color psychology, it could have a hand on it. The color Blue is considered to have a calming effect on a person. By this fact alone, imagine playing on the pitch with the color blue surrounding you, as the thousands of fans are wont to do. This can definitely boost the team’s morale and improve their perspective towards the game, and this could’ve helped them conquer the barrier between winning and losing.

At the end of the day however, the game is won by athleticism, camaraderie, and teamwork. Without these three factors, then even the most serene color in the Universe would not have made a difference. Still, it never hurts to consider all odds particularly when facing such adversity. If wearing a single color could make the difference towards your goal, then it could never hurt to believe.

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