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Color trends for 2017

The year 2017 is about to start. With it is the transition of color trends and palettes for fashion, interior, and graphic designs. From previous Rose Quartz and Serenity as Colors of last year, 2017 offers different hues and best combinations of colors for fashion, product, designs, and interiors.

Colors always make our lives more alive and vibrant that’s why we’re rounding up the colors and palettes for the year 2017 to break the “dated” colors we’ve seen in the previous years.

Here are the 10 color trends and palettes that are best for fashion, graphics, and interior designs next year.

    1. GreeneryGreen Dye2017 will evoke more freshness with green vibes next year. Greenery will be the top colors among the best hues. It will be best combined with several colors that are also fab for next year.


    1. Rich GoldRich Gold DyeThis is one of the color trends for next year. This will give Greenery a balance in the fashion and interior colors.


    1. Canyon ClayClay DyeThis one’s from the pastel group of colors best to pair with Greenery. Isn’t it good to pair spring greens with a little bit of light-colored flower such as this color?


    1. Bronze MistBronze Mist DyeGreenery will also be best paired with some metallic colors like this one. It gives more life to the spring greens of Greenery.


    1. FandangoAnother one from the “Brights” group of colors. This one will help in balancing the melancholic tone of the Greenery.


    1. Blazing YellowYellow DyeHow nice it would be to pair the Greenery spring with bright and lively yellow, like this one. This includes in the list of top colors best mixed with the theme color, Greenery, in the year 2017.


    1. True BlueBlue DyeThis one belongs to Deeper Shades” group of colors. It is best suited to mix with Greenery which is a versatile trans-seasonal shade. This one came back as one of the color trends this year, originally a color trend last year as well.


    1. ButtercreamButtercream DyeThis one’s also from Pastel group of colors. It gives vibrancy to monotonous hues of Greenery. It is best mixed with Greenery for added life and vitality in a room or an art.


    1. Red DahliaThis palette is suited best to mix with the Greenery for its darker yet feminine tone. It gives Greenery the conflicting image of freshness and weariness yet gives balance to both.


  1. Brown RiceBrown DyeIt belongs to Pastel group of colors. Yet it is slightly dark and best mixed with Greenery for its earthly effects. Fresh leaves always best mixed with little dead ones, aren’t they?

These colors will make their presence felt more next year. And with better planning and combination, this color guide for next year will surely make your designs, fashion and interior lift from the bland artistry they were before.

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