How Colors and Dyes affect Sales

How Colors Affect Purchases

When it comes to business, there is no place for errors. Even the smallest one can have a negative effect on it. On the other hand, even the smallest improvement or a change can have a positive result. There are a lot of fields and areas business owners should take care of. Most of them can be easily tweaked in order to give you better results.

One of the less-known but extremely important factors to consider are colors. Yes, colors affect clients and customers more than you would ever imagine. The right color can increase your business success and client satisfaction, simply because it causes a specific emotional reaction in people. Continue reading if you want to know about them and how colors can boost your business success.

Emotional responses colors cause

Different colors can cause different impressions thereby causing a plethora of reactions.


Yellow is a cheerful color that makes people joyful. It is nice to see something in this color and it will make you feel better. It is known that this color improves the efficiency among employees and makes the working environment more pleasant. However, it can cause jealousy as well, so use is smartly and cautiously. This color will make you stop at a shop and look at an item.


Black is a popular color and it is treated as the most elegant one. Have you ever wondered why businessmen almost always wear black suits? Black cars are more expensive and more elegant as well. It isn’t as common as you may imagine, but black is a safe alternative. Another advantage of this color is wealth, due to the fact it is linked to rich people.


Red color stands for love and passion. It is a very popular choice and it is commonly used in businesses that requires a positive belief and a positive attitude. It is also more commonly used in female-oriented businesses, simply because they like this color more than men. It is also known for increasing the sale of specific items because people spend more time looking at red products.


This is the most favorite color on the planet. It is appealing and it is linked to safety. This is the main reason why most police in the world have blue cars and blue uniforms. For example, if your business is linked to security, blue is the best and the safest choice.

Colors affect men and women differently

Men and women like different colors and they cause different reactions among them. We all know that pink is adorable to women, but hateful to men. The situation is similar to all colors, therefore we cannot generalize the affect they have on both genders.

Men and colors

Men like stronger, bright colors. The favorite one is blue, but they also like green, gray and black. Now you know why these colors are so popular on cars driven by men. On the other hand, we have the least favorite car colors: brown, orange, purples and yellow.

Women and colors

Majority of women like blue, purples, green and red. In general, they like soft colors that are gentle and cause sympathy and love. They also pay more attention to colors when buying something. We must add the fact that pink is the most common and the most associated color for girls and teenagers (female).

Colors and age groups

People of all ages like different colors. Older people like blue and white. They feel safe and relaxed when they are in the presence of these two colors. Teenagers like gray, but as soon as they turn 19-20 years of age, they won’t like it anymore, which is an interesting fact. Then, they prefer black color. People aged 25-35 like purples and orange, but those between 36 and 50 like yellow more rather than orange.

Boost your business with the help of colors

We had to explain the entire color-related knowledge in order you to understand the next point. How colors can help you boost and improve your business. First of all, there is the business you have. If it is related to safety, you should use blue color, if it is a high-end business, black is a safe option. If you have a lot of employees, working in a tight space, yellow is great. Red would be perfect for sensitive and appearance-related business.

The second fact is the gender. You know that men and women like/dislike different colors, but there are some general rules. Both of them dislike brown and orange, so these two aren’t something you should see in your business. Addition: You may have noticed that brown color isn’t common in customer-oriented businesses.

Ideally, you will make a combination of the colors you are going to use, based on the facts we have mentioned here. Make sure you include targeted groups that are based on the gender, age, and type of your business.

A safe alternative is possible as well. Most people like blue color. It is the most desirable in all age groups and it is favored by men and women. This would be your safest choice. However, some businesses are related to specific colors (healthcare with white, security with blue), so we can say that the type of a business determines the color more than 50%. The next, safe choice is green. This color is also treated as safe by men and women. The last, but not least, you should include your desire to use a specific color.

Take what we’ve written here with a grain of salt, you and only you can determine what the best color for your biz is absolutely. Do a market research first and see how people will react to your business colors – that is the best thing you can do for your biz.

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