Dyed Cotton Fabric

Cotton- The Most Popular Fabric in the World

Bed sheets, T-shirts, underwear and socks are usually made of cotton. Yarn used for knitting and crochet is made with cotton. As a fabric, cotton drapes well has great strength and is easy to dry-clean. At the same time it is also machine-washable, easy to print on, dye, has great absorbency and has a soft hand.

Cotton is a fluffy, soft fiber staple that grows in a protective case called a boll in cotton plants around seeds. This fiber’s bolls tend to increase the seed dispersal in natural conditions. The fibre is almost purely cellulose. Around the world, the plant is a native to subtropical and tropical regions and is also found growing in the wild in Mexico, Africa and Australia.

Cotton Yarn

Often, the fibre is spun into thread or yard made into a breathable, soft textile. Using this for fabric has been done since five thousand BC. China is the largest cotton producer in the world but the production is not used for exports. The USA for many years has been one of the biggest exporters of cotton.

Easy to Dye

Cotton is a natural, breathable fibre that is absorbent and soft. It makes it perfect to be worn next to the skin such as for undergarments. It is a natural, hypoallergenic fibre and is easy to dye. This is due to its high absorbency rate and its natural whiteness. Cotton does not have a static cling as it can’t hold an electric charge. It is stronger when it is wet and can hold up to twenty-seven times its water weight. In the winter, cotton keeps your body warm because it is a good conductor of heat. In the summer, keeps your body cool.

Properties of Cotton:

A rigid, inelastic fiber, cotton is quite strong and lasts through years of laundering. It is not easily stressed and has a break of elongation of around ten percent. Cotton comes in a variety of colors including grey, yellowish, bluish, creamy or plain white. This makes it easy to dye into any color of your choice. When cotton is exposed to the light of the sun, there is a gradual strength loss and the tint becomes yellowish. When carefully stored, cotton shows little difference from brand new fabric even after fifty years.

If you have been looking for an easy to dye fabric, cotton is the choice for you. Not only does cotton absorb dyes very well, it is also one of the whitest fabrics you can find.

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