Creating Foolproof Color Combinations

Creating Foolproof Color Combinations

Creating Foolproof Color Combinations

Whether you are looking to design a new corporate uniform or you’re planning to revamp physical spaces, you need to ensure that your overall theme is complemented by your chosen color scheme. However, it cannot be denied that some people just have an eye for colors and designs, while other people are unable to determine what goes well with what. If you belong to the latter group (that is, you’re hard-pressed to come up with good color combinations at the drop of a hat), then you’re in luck. Today we’re going to offer you tips on how to create foolproof color combinations.

Of Patterns and Designs

First things first, though. Many would opt to go for patterns (i.e., stripes, checked, or printed designs) as they would be easy to manipulate without having to add additional elements. If your wardrobe or color scheme already has some kind of a pattern on it, then pair it with a solid color. If your pattern is made of light blue, for example, then you can complement it with a darker shade of blue, such as navy blue. This way, the continuity of the pattern and the design would be unhampered by the other material of your choice.

If you don’t want to play around with a darker or a brighter shade of your base color, then you can choose a color in your pattern and expound on it. For example, if your pattern has white lines on a blue backdrop, then you can either choose blue pants or white pants. Of course in this case, the color blue would be the optimal color for the pants for practicality’s sake, as it would be very difficult to get through the day without soiling your white pants.

Of Different Hues

Following the logic given above, then you can also go with a brighter or darker hue of your original choice. For example, if you are trying to come up with a new uniform for your staff, then think of the color that best represents your company. This is usually present in your branding materials, such as your logo. Now, if your logo mainly features mint green, then you can design a uniform based on that. The top can be mint green, while the pants can be an olive green. You can play around with different hues as you please.

Of Contrasts

Next, you also don’t always have to stay on the safe side: you can always play around with contrasts. The best way to do this is to look at the color wheel and see what color is opposite it. Here are popular combinations based on the color wheel that you have probably seen before:

  • Orange and Blue
  • Red and Green
  • Violet and Yellow
  • Blue Violet and Yellow Orange
  • Red Violet and Yellow Green
  • Red Orange and Blue Green

Of course, these combinations are just samples, but they are among the most commonly used today. In fact, the combination Orange and Blue is oftentimes utilized in Hollywood, particularly in the different posters.

These are some of the ways through which you can form foolproof color combinations. If your first combination doesn’t work, then just try again until you hit a pair that you feel comfortable with.

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