Natural Dyes from Plants

Making the world colorful: What are natural dyes?

Every time we dress up before going out for an event or just for a casual day, it will always be nice to open the cabinet and choose from clothes with various colors. After all, bright and beautiful colors are pleasing to the eyes and are definitely a source of joy.

Making the world a little more colorful is no longer difficult because there are natural dyes that could be of great help.

Natural dyes are coloring products derived from various plants, invertebrates and minerals.

For every dye color there are different plant sources but not all plants make a good dye material. Majority of plants that are effective sources of natural dyes are: roots, berries, bark, leaves, wood. Other organic sources such as fungi and lichens can also be used in making a dye material.

There are also natural dyes generated from animal and mineral sources and they are called Cochineal and Ocher respectively.

Natural dyes can be use in giving color to various materials. They could be applied with aqueous solution to color clothes, towels, mats and textiles. They are also used in different businesses such as hospitality and health care centers.


Evolution of Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are not new. They existed even in the early part of history.

Tracing back history, the use of natural dyes has been known since the early ancient times. It was recorded that the earliest use of natural dyes was in 2600 B.C. in China.

During those times, dyes were used to color textiles. It was also recorded that as early as the ancient days there are fabrics, robes and linen with a touch of natural dyes.


Advantages of using natural dyes

 > Natural dyes are more eco-friendly

Given that natural dyes come from natural sources, research revealed that they are more environment friendly than synthetic dyes.

Natural dyes are the better option because these products do not contain chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. They are more reliable than synthetic dyes which are made from different kinds of chemical.

> Natural dyes are healthier

Natural dyes are safer for human health because of its chemical free composition.

Another proof that natural dye sources are healthier is that some plant sources are even used as medicinal plants and some are known to be antioxidants. Meanwhile, synthetic dyes are considered to be hazardous to health and are even banned in countries with more conservative environmental and public health laws.

> Natural dyes are carcinogenic free

It is proven by research that natural dyes are free from carcinogenic unlike synthetic dyes where there are certain kinds like diazo dyes that are carcinogenic.

> Higher income

Clothes dyed using natural dyes could be sold in higher prices because of the aesthetic beauty it could offer.


Natural dyes are more aesthetically beautiful because of the unique hues, natural color combination, and contrasting shades that only natural color could offer. Color inconsistencies could also be seen in the market as one of a kind.

Natural dyes are now the healthier option in terms of dyeing because of its natural and eco-friendly characteristic.  Let’s keep the world healthier and a little more colorful through natural dyes.

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