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Because merchandise cost is one of the largest costs to the rental laundry industry, any good operator knows that one of the keys to profitability in this industry is good merchandise management.  Businesses save on merchandise cost by maximizing the usage of their products  – Towels, Linen, Mats, Garments.One best-practice to maximize the life of […]

Choosing the Right Textile Dye for Your Needs

Posted by: KeyColour on June 16 2014

Ever wondered what gives towels and mats their vibrant colors or why table  napkins come in so many different shades and tints of various colors? Well,  these visual candies can be attributed to the use of the textile dye. It may well  be said that constant research performed over the last two centuries has  resulted […]

Shop Towel Dyes – Direct Dyes

Posted by: KeyColour on October 11 2010

Shop towel dyes are made using a direct dye. Congo Red was the first direct dye synthesized by  chemist Paul Böttiger in 1883 and patented in 1884, which proved to be the forerunner of a large class of synthetic dyes that are specifically for dyeing cellulose. Direct dyes get their name from the process that […]

Recycling Used Cotton Shop Towels and Rugs with Dyes

Posted by: KeyColour on October 11 2010

Is there a way to dye used towels and rugs to make them look new again? Whenever possible, companies are always trying to save money and look for cost-productive ways of running their business. If you use shop towels or cleaning rugs in your operations, you can make them look new again without spending much […]

Recycling Nylon Walk-Off Mats

Posted by: KeyColour on October 11 2010

Recycling out-of-service nylon walk-off mats is not only practical, but it is also a smart move. Here’s why. Times are hard, especially when speaking about economic struggles almost everyone nowadays are experiencing. Countless industrial laundry companies have gone out of business and the laundries are encumbered with out-of-service company logo mats and colored walk-off mats […]

Keycolour Textile Dyes Used in Sheriff Joe’s Pink Underwear

Posted by: KeyColour on October 11 2010

Keycolour Textile Dyes Used in Sheriff Joe’s Pink Underwear Did you know that Keycolour is the provider of the pink textile dyes used in Sheriff Joe’s famous pink underwear for the Maricopa County Jail Inmates?   You may have heard about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “World-Famous” pink underwear for the inmates of the Maricopa County Jail, but did […]

Dyeing Polyester Napkins

Posted by: KeyColour on September 11 2009

Reclaiming Used Polyester Napkins At Keycolour, we offer industrial laundry over-dye kits to freshen your customer napery, regardless of the color, for a fraction of the cost that you will have to shell out when purchasing new ones. You don’t have to worry about getting new orange and brown napkins for Thanksgiving or Christmas reds […]

Dyes for Shop Towels… Who is the Originator?

Posted by: KeyColour on July 6 2009

One of the many commitments we make to our beloved clients is providing outstanding customer support. We always welcome all questions and suggestions, which we can use to help improve the quality of our shop towel dyes, dyeing kits, and the rest of our products. Just recently we have received this interesting inquiry from a customer […]

Key Colour – Cost Cutting Through Dye Products

Posted by: KeyColour on July 4 2009

Dye products, in an interesting turn of events, plays a very crucial role in today’s industrialized laundry industry. How, you ask? It seems that many laundry businesses are beginning to prefer dyeing old walk-off mats and what not than purchasing new ones. With this in mind, the laundry market has introduced various unique products and […]

Key Colour – Leading Provider of Quality Colours

Posted by: KeyColour on July 4 2009

Phoenix (Arizona)-based KeyColour is a premium provider of industrial coloring and laundry dyeing solutions. With its continuous research and development focused on producing the most desirable set of vibrant dyeing colours, KeyColour is able to consistently serve all its customers with a varied set of requirements. KeyColour also has state-of-the-art color matching laboratories in Chicago and Los […]