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Why Choose Re-dyeing Over Buying New Textiles

Posted by: KeyColour on July 4 2009

Many businesses in the service industry, as well as some government institutions are constantly faced with the problem of throwing away faded or stained textiles and getting replacements for them. However, there is a better solution to the problem. By using textile dyes to restore the original color of faded garments and textiles, companies are able to hold on to the budget allotted for buying new towels, mats, or uniforms. Not only is it financially beneficial, but it is also environmentally friendly. It helps reduce the amount of trash by reusing faded textiles.

Professional Laundry Dyes: Giving a Vibrant Look to Old Clothes Laundry dyes are helping so many businesses cutback on costs by reusing faded and discolored textiles and garments and recoloring them to look brand new. Professional laundry dyes is the latest and most happening trend emerging in the field of laundry marketing. Your old clothes […]