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Bring It Up a Notch with Dyed Leather Fabric

Posted by: KeyColour on May 22 2017

Leather is a flexible, durable material that is produced by tanning the skin and rawhide of animals, usually cattle. Leather can be dyed and is created at various scales of manufacturing ranging from heavy industry to cottage industry. Various goods are made with leather including clothing such as belts, trousers, skirts, jackets, hats and shoes. […]

All There Is to Know About Wool

Posted by: KeyColour on May 15 2017

The fiber textile obtained from animals such as sheep is called wool. It also includes animals such as camelid wool, angora from rabbits, qiviut from muskoxen as well as mohair and cashmere from goats. There are many different qualities that wool has that make it different from fur or hair. For one thing, wool is […]

Ramie-One of the Strongest Natural Fibers

Posted by: KeyColour on April 17 2017

Considered to be one of the strongest fibers in the natural world, ramie becomes even stronger when it is wet. The fiber ramie is especially known for being able to reduce wrinkles and hold shape. The fabric appearance looks lustrous and silky. Compared to other fibers, it is not as durable. Thus, it is blended […]

The Many Uses of Sisal

Posted by: KeyColour on April 10 2017

Agave sisalana is the botanical name of the fabric sisal. This is an agave species native to Mexico’s southern part. In many other countries, however, the plant is naturalized and cultivated. The result is a stiff fiber utilized for creating a variety of products. The sisal term might refer either to the fiber or the […]

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Jute

Posted by: KeyColour on March 20 2017

Jute is a shiny, soft, long vegetable fiber that can be spun into strong, coarse tread. Primarily, it is produced from the genus Corchorus plants. At one point in time, this was classified in the Tillaceae family. In the last few years it was re-classified into the Malvaceae recently. The name of the fiber or […]

3 Popular Fruits You Can Turn into Natural Dyes

Posted by: KeyColour on March 13 2017

We often use dyes that perfectly match our style. While this beauty trend can enhance our appearance, it can’t be denied that most of the colors, be it for cloth or hair, have a plethora of chemicals. Is there a way to ditch these harmful chemicals and just enjoy a pretty color? Well, yes! Just […]

The Beautiful, Unmatched Lustre of Silk Fabric

Posted by: KeyColour on February 27 2017

Silk is absorbent, making it comfortable to wear in warmer climates. In cold weather, silk keeps you warm due to its low conductivity. It is often used for clothing such as formal dresses, blouses, ties, and shirts. It is also used for folk costumes, sun dresses, dress suits, robes, pajamas, lingerie and the lining of […]

The Unbearable Lightness of Chiffon

Posted by: KeyColour on February 13 2017

Chiffon is a balanced, lightweight plain sheer fabric which was woven with alternative twists of Z and S crepe yarns. These yarns have a high twist. The fabric is slightly puckered by the high twist of the crepe yarns in either direction after being woven. This gives the finished produce a somewhat rough feel and […]

Linen-Do You Know All There Really Is to Know About It?

Posted by: KeyColour on January 23 2017

At one point or another you have probably come across linen fabrics and marvelled at the beauty of this weave. You may have even inherited a set of linen home decor and are impressed by the durability of this type of textile. It comes as no surprise that even with its higher than usual price, […]

Dyeing Polyester- Know The Facts!

Posted by: KeyColour on January 16 2017

Polyester is a man-made fibre made from petroleum, water, air and coal. Created in a laboratory in the twentieth century, this fabric was developed from a chemical reaction between alcohol and acid. There is a combination of more than two molecules from alcohol and acid to create a larger molecule in a repeating structure throughout […]