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Making the world colorful: What are natural dyes?

Posted by: KeyColour on September 12 2016

Every time we dress up before going out for an event or just for a casual day, it will always be nice to open the cabinet and choose from clothes with various colors. After all, bright and beautiful colors are pleasing to the eyes and are definitely a source of joy. Making the world a […]

Why is color important to your brand?

Posted by: KeyColour on September 5 2016

Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, colors may just be part of the basics but for businesses– they stand a crucial role. Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Also, color is the secret in producing a good identity for a company. Colors are more than […]

What are some of the plants where dyes come from?

Posted by: KeyColour on August 29 2016

Man has harnessed the ability of plants to color textiles since ancient times. The earliest written record of the use of natural dyes was found in China, dating back to 2600BC. Some dyes were more expensive than others, and more prestigious, too. In the late fourth century, Emperor Theodosium of Byzantium issued a decree forbidding the […]

The Differences Between Pigments and Dyes

Posted by: KeyColour on August 22 2016

Both pigments and dyes are used to color different materials, but the way in which they do it is very, very different. It’s all got to do with solubility – the tendency to dissolve in a liquid, especially water. Think for a moment of two glasses of water standing side by side – the one […]

It’s a Colorful World: Dyeing History

Posted by: KeyColour on August 15 2016

Who doesn’t like colors? Colors make life more attractive and vibrant; it injects personality and makes an otherwise drab room look lively and alive. Without colors, everything would appear to be flat, unattractive, and the usual. There would be no splashes of color sending a message, or even a psychedelic number making a scene. Without […]

Color Matching 101: Finding Complementary Shades

Posted by: KeyColour on July 25 2016

As previously discussed in this blog, colors can play a significant role with branding and how people will remember and perceive a business. They provide visual cues that can influence the purchasing behavior of people. Evidently, color choice is crucial for your business. However, selecting a color for your brand is not just about picking […]

Polyester vs Cotton: What to use for company event

Posted by: KeyColour on July 11 2016

Celebrating a company milestone is more impressive if your employees are all wearing the same thing. After all, it will bring the entire company together in one epic event. This can make your event seem more festive and can foster friendly competition among your employees. For instance, you can ask each department to come up […]

Five Tips for Finding the Right Place to Buy Fabric Dyes

Posted by: KeyColour on July 4 2016

Using fabric dyes is a cost-effective solution that can help businesses maintain their textile and fabrics without going overboard their operational expenses. However, finding the right place to buy can be a crucial process. It requires a set of steps so that you can make an informed decision and do business with a dye provider […]

Replace vs. Re-Dye: Which works best for business fabrics?

Posted by: KeyColour on June 29 2016

For a business owner, minimizing costs in running the enterprise is a great help for success. However, maintaining little to no overhead expenses is hard to do, particularly if the business will undergo either an expansion or reorganization to the point that even little details like business fabrics need to be redone.   What are […]

Why Uniform Colors are Important in Branding

Posted by: KeyColour on June 22 2016

Much like how logos and design can be associated with your business, the colors that you choose as branding also has an impact on customer recall. The influence is doubled when you pick the colors and conform to a common design and idea for your branding, such as having the colors on your office designs […]