The Background

Lakes and ponds are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to us, and whether man-made or natural, these bodies of water serve various functions. These range from aesthetic purposes such as providing beautiful scenery to a landscape to recreational activities including fishing, swimming and water skiing. In a healthy natural state, lakes and ponds are ecologically balanced with native plants, fish, wildlife, and aquatic organisms. Unfortunately, too many lakes and ponds are negatively impacted by human and environmental conditions which ultimately disrupt this healthy ecological balance – the result is less than desirable water quality and poor lake or pond conditions.

Major threats include the introduction of phosphate and nitrate based nutrients from various run-off sources such as agriculture and lawns as well as wastewater discharge, animal waste and recycled water. The result of this water pollution is detrimental – organic waste, bottom sludge, muck and ammonia that builds up over time and becomes toxic for fish and wildlife. The water eventually becomes unsightly, also creating an ideal environment for unwanted nuisance plants and algae to grow.

Chemical treatments such as aquatic herbicides and algaecides are the most common and immediately effective way to treat and kill these unwanted nuisance plants and algae. Some chemical treatments are broad spectrum and treat a wide range of plants and algae while others are very specific and treat a single plant species. However, over time all this organic material builds up on the lake or pond’s bottom, creating excessive muck, unpleasant odors and ultimately an unattractive, unhealthy, chemically-dependent and unbalanced ecosystem. Is chemical treatment for lakes and ponds the best long-term solution for these problems or is there something better – something natural?



The LakeFX™ Aquatic Treatment Program was specifically designed to work in lakes and ponds as nature works, promoting a balanced, healthy lake or pond ecosystem with native plants, fish, wildlife, and aquatic organisms. The LakeFX™ Aquatic Treatment Program products function by:

  • Binding and absorbing nutrients from run-off as well as decomposing plants
  • Improving water clarity by removing phosphates and humates from the water body
  • Containing a blend of composting bacteria, media and biologic growth stimulants that work in conjunction with the native bacteria and produce a dramatic digestion of sludge and muck hydrocarbons, as well as a reduction of harmful nutrients

The LakeFX™ Aquatic Treatment Program naturally composts the dead plant materials and creates a system that feeds fish and other healthy microorganisms that, over time, will restore lakes and ponds to their natural and healthy state. The water colorant included in The LakeFX™ Aquatic Treatment Program safely and effectively creates striking shades of color while increasing the light's absorbency. Utilize the power of nature and restore beauty and harmony to your lake or pond proactively and naturally, with LakeFX™.

LakeFX™ Aquatic Treatment Program