Keycolour AZ – LakeFX Products


“Spread on both land and water; locks up plants nutrients”

An all-natural product, ClearLock “locks-up” nutrients on land and in the water. When temperatures in the early spring begin to rise, aquatic plants begin to grow. Phosphates and other organic nutrients follow the rain and snow run-off into the lake or pond. This inflow contributes to the nuisance plant growth and algae blooms. The first step in preventing this process is to stop the flow of these nutrients into the lake or pond by applying ClearLock around the shoreline, grass areas, flowerbeds or gardens that lead down to the lake or pond. ClearLock should also be applied in the water surrounding the shore 8-10 feet from the shoreline into the lake. In addition, ClearLock should be concentrated in areas of high sludge, storm drain or streams that feed water to the lake or pond as it also absorbs nutrients released by decomposing sludge.


“Improves water clarity”

This powdered product reduces the organic nutrients and clears the water by precipitating sediments from the water body. ClariFix is used as a clarifier, removing phosphates and humates from the water and improving the water clarity.


“Balances pond ecosystem & promotes fish population”

This package contains two sleeves of carbon packed with bio-nutrients. This product will treat the sediment and create a biologic base which works together with the native bacteria and results in dramatic digestion of sludge, hydrocarbons, and a large reduction or conversion of harmful nutrients. Used when the water temperature becomes warm enough (56°F) MuckFix contains a blend of composting bacteria, media and biologic growth stimulant. The bacteria grows in the media, and each grain of the media is like a seed; wherever it lands in the lake sludge, it begins to grow a colony of bacteria that will break down and remove muck and sludge from the lake bottom.


“Shades water to a beautiful color & increases light absorbency”

As the ClariFix clears the water, this may enable harmful algae to develop as light penetrates the water. The use of AquaticDye will help shade the water and inhibit algae growth while this food-grade, 100% ecologically safe water colorant creates striking color in the water with five distinct shades to select from. AquaticDye is an easy-to-apply liquid formula that will not harm fish, pets, birds or wildlife.