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KeyColour is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality garment dyes. We offer a wide array of affordable dye products for commercial and industrial applications. Our clients include independent businesses, large corporations, and even government agencies.

Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or would like to purchase for a single application, KeyColour has a broad selection of dyes you can choose from for whatever your dyeing needs dictate.

KeyColour Shop Towel Dyes And Dust Mop Dyes – Besides garment dyes, we also offer shop towel and dust mop dyes that are designed to bring back the color of faded and stained towels and mops, or recolor them into a new shade. These dyes are specially formulated to dissolve and disperse quickly, making the dyeing process a breeze. Our dye comes in 100% water soluble, pre-measured, no-mess bags.

Colourfast – The Colourfast Permanent Dye System from KeyColour is a full color dye kit that is designed to make discolored and stained fabrics look brand new. The kits are easy-to-use and economical, not to mention environmentally friendly.

Poly Dye Kit – For the dyeing and re-dyeing of polyesters, tablecloths, and napkins, KeyColour’s Poly Dye Kit was specifically formulated for this purpose. Take advantage of custom color matching to achieve your desired color. Unlike other dyes available in the market, KeyColour’s poly dye kit is 100% environmentally friendly, so you can dye 100% polyester without harming the environment. Our Poly Dye Kits come in pre-measured packages for easy, no-mess dyeing. Poly kits are ideal for cotton/poly fabrics as well.

Hotel Dye Kit – This dye pak is ideal for color-coding bar mops, as well as towels and linens for housekeeping. The Hotel Dye Pak includes a setting agent for wash-fastness, preventing the staining other textiles during washing. Choose from a wide range of colors.

Microfiber Dye Kit – The KeyColour Microfiber Dye Kit is created using a highly concentrated formula that allows the dye to dissolve and disperse quickly into the fabric. Custom color matching is available for this dye product.

Walk-Off Mat Dye Kits – Dyeing and redyeing has never been this easy thanks to KeyColour. Requiring only a 60-minute start-to-finish application time, the walk-off mat dye kit offers superior wash fast and light-fast colors that can last up to more than 75 washes.

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