Hotel Dye Paks

  • Great for color coding of bar mops, housekeeping towels and linens.
  • Kit includes setting agent for improved wash-fastness.
  • Large selection of colors.

Hotel Dye Paks Dyeing Procedures

At Keycolour, we are committed to providing our clients with the best dyeing solutions. The hotel and restaurant industry has one of the largest needs for textile dyes because they need to constantly recolor or dye their stained or faded bar mops, linens, bed sheets, table napkins, and housekeeping towels.

Keycolour’s Hotel Dye Paks are specifically designed to address the dyeing needs of the service industry, focusing on producing superior color quality and long-lasting vibrance.

Call 1-800-274-4393 for more information on our Hotel Dye Paks or on any of the products that we offer. Our sales team is always ready to answer questions.

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