Poly Dye Kit

The Poly Dye Kit from Keycolour is another fine product from Keycolour that promises total color maintenance. Not only will old, stained, and faded napkins and tablecloths be given a new look, the colors will now last longer while retaining the vibrancy of the color and quality of the fabric.

  • Great for dying polyester napkins and tablecloths
  • Custom color matching available
  • Atmospheric dying of 100% polyester
  • Kit dyes 100 pounds of fabric
  • Easy to use pre-measured packages
  • Also good for cotton/polyester
KeyColour Poly Dye Kit

Poly Dye Kit dyeing procedures

Textile maintenance is now made easier thanks to Keycolour. The only color maintenance solution that maximizes the lifespan of a fabric and helps businesses save on replacement costs. Consistency in color quality is something we are known for.

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