Vat Dye Kits

Vat Dye Kits for Cotton and Cotton Blend Fabrics

  • For cotton and cotton blend fabrics.
  • Best permanent dyes available.
  • Largest selection of colors, over 200 colors in stock.
  • Pantone color matching system.
  • Touch-up kits and complete color kits.
  • Call for quote (# 1-800-274-4393).



Vat Dye Kits Dyeing Procedures

Established in 1993, Keycolour has continued to provide its clients with the best dyeing solutions for stained or faded fabrics. The Vat Dye Kits from Keycolour are specially formulated to accurately match the original color of faded or stained cotton or cotton blend fabrics.

As a leading dye manufacturing and packaging company, Keycolour has made it an eternal commitment to provide its clients with the most permanent, high quality dyes that produce rich, vibrant colors. Top-tier hotels, spas, and restaurants have constantly relied on Keycolour to provide them with Vat Dye Kits to help maintain the color of their fabrics and textiles.

Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and get you the right dye color for your company.

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